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Monday, March 21, 2011

Wedgehead x 4

Big Wedgehead fan here.  And the only thing better than one Wedgehead is MORE!

Meet four of my main guys.  From left to right: Little Wedgehead , then the tiny one is a Clip-on Wedgie, next is Midling Wedgehead, and then Classic Wedge.

The Wedgehead on the far left is a Sneak Preview  version, sometimes called a sneak peak.  They were released at San Diego Comic Con in 2005 and are a limited edition Ugly.  Little Wedgehead in this color blue was never released as a retail Ugly. There were two retail versions, one pink and the other grey with red teeth. All of them are equally adorable.

The fellow in the middle is a Midling Wedgehead.  He's a one-of-a-kind mid-sized Uglydoll handmade by the amazing Sun-Min Kim.  This size Uglydoll was never produced, BUT soon the Citizens of the Uglyverse will hit the stage.  I'm guessing based on bits I've read here and there that they will be in a mid-size!  And it's a nifty size to be at a full 10 inches!

The 12" Classic Uglydoll is our boy Rocket.  We named him rocket because he likes to stand on his head and blast off. If you've been following the Ugly Chronicles for a long time you've seen Rocket before.  He's the fellow in the weird 3-D glasses leading a mission into space. (you'll have to look a ways back to find that one)

Rocket is what we call a Gen 1 (Generation 1)Wedgehead meaning he's a member of the first wave of Wedgeheads to be released.  Like a first edition!    When you get into Ugly as deep as I am, you care about these things.

Here's a cool tidbit about Wedgehead.  Wedgehead is one of David Horvath's early drawings from when he was a kid!  Seriously.  I read that.  And look at him now.
Maybe Wedgehead is,  in his own way,  the first Uglydoll.  If I ever meet David Horvath, I'll try to get over my shyness and ask him.

Now go give your Wedgehead a hug!

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