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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Max and Dave Go Shopping

Dr. Max agrees with his new buddy, Dave Darinko that some updated, expanded shelving is in order for our crowded Ugly house.  

So Max grabbed Dave, us  and the car keys and headed off for IKEA.  The drive was long , rainy and quite pleasant.  

It was a good thing we had two Uglys along with an eye for decor because we could not find the unit we intended to buy and had to improvise on the spot. Max and Dave hopped from unit to unit, testing them for head clearance and color. 

We found that not only were most of the shelf units way to big for the car, they were also too heavy to carry and too expensive to buy. So we scaled our large and elaborate dreams of floor to ceiling white wall units down to some politely priced,  smaller, lightweight shelves in a color called black-brown. Max says one must remain flexible when decorating. We bent over backwards. 
After grabbing a few other Ugly wall accessories we headed home for the big build now currently underway in the living room.  Soon you will be seeing how our huge white wall unit turned small, modest black-brown grouping of shelves looks covered in our beloved Uglys.  Dave Darinko says once the Uglydolls hop aboard no one will ever notice the shelves.  How true! 

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