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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Rainbows and Cookie Jars

It was a Rainbows and Cookie Jars kind of day.  First came the rainbow right over my house.  And then driving right underneath it came the Uglydoll delivery truck (aka Fedex.)

Rainbow. Uglydoll.  A rather perfect moment. 

The Uglydoll ceramics are wonderful.  Babo Cookie Jar is bigger than he looks online.  He's ample. Of course he is.  He's Babo! You can get a very respectable cache of large cookies in there.

A picture cannot do justice to the vibrant colors.  They're rich colors that make you smile.  The mug boxes proclaim they "make you happy". Indeed they do!  I'm happy as can be right now. 

I was not surprised at the super high quality of the ceramics.  I mean, it IS Uglydoll.  Yet I'm impressed. The finish is smooth, the handles feel sturdy, the paint around the eyes and teeth is flawless. 
Move over Denby.  There's a new mug in town. 

My recommendation:  GET some!  Maybe yours will come with a rainbow too! 

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