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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Day Stomp

Strange Beast Bossy Bear Day Stomp Rotofugi Exclusive!  The name alone could draw a crowd. An admiring group gathered immediately.   We are all SO impressed.

Well, maybe not ALL of us!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Suddenly Suddy

Suddy's my girl.  We are alike in so many ways, and we knew it right out of the box.  
You know how they say opposites attract?  Well compare that to the bond of twins.  That's what it's like for Suddy and me.  
Our conversations consist mostly of "me too", "I know", and "exactly".
Hey, we even look so much alike that I can leave her in my chair by the window and people think I'm home! And in a way,  I AM!
Suddy and  Siddy, friends for life.

Get her here in all 4 Uglydoll sizes.
Or get her here. Or at your local toy shop.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Max Abima Food Explorer

Add Food Explorer to Dr. Max Abima's long list of credentials.  With the ease of one born to fine delectibles, Max lead us to the unassuming doorstep of i Sushi-Teriyaki in DuPont WA.

No, I protested.  I don't eat Sushi, and I eat teriyaki way to often.  But Max would not be deterred, so in we went.  From the moment we entered we were intrigued by the aromas, and  enamored with kindness of the staff,.

Before long Max and I were gazing down into a Chicken Hot Stone Pot. They are not kidding.  The pot is stone, and it is HOT.  It kept the food more than warm for the entire meal. Along side this pleasant mix of 5 vegetables and chicken was a sauce the color of Max.  The flavor was intoxicating.  Our new food friend turned out to be Korean Hot Sauce.  It was so tasty in fact that we returned for a second meal within 3 days with Max's little brother, Virgil.
Now can anyone tell me how to make Korean Hot Sauce?  Mamma pajama, that stuff rocks.

Friday, June 10, 2011

What dat?

It's a bird.  It's a plane.  It's....Babo?  With wings?

If Babo gets wings, no cookie on earth is safe!

Babo Cookie Jar

When you love your cookie jar, life is sweet.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Bossy Bear Toxic Swamp Edition GID

So fine!  So MINE!

Get it here at Toy2r Qee Store.

Limited to 200 pieces.

Thanks for the heads up, Hilda!

Brad Luck Limited

Nothing catches my collectors eye quite like the words "Limited and Numbered".  Well, ok. "Handmade" sends me into fits like Precious Pup.

But here we have the magic words!  Brad Luck Limited and Numbered.  Dear me.  Part of my mental landscape is now captured by Mr. Brad and his numbered self and I won't get that piece back until I secure me a numbered Brad.  Yep.  That's it.  I'm down a few brain cells.

And right at the time I need them ALL to hunt down my LUCK!

I love it.

UPDATE:  My Ugly buddies over at Uglydoll Fan Forum tell me he is already shipping, and that ALL the new Brad Luck's have the shiny foil hang tag that dazzles my eye.   So yippie.  My wait is almost over!

Just think. The entire Citizens series is numbered and limited.  Oh yeah!

Bottle It! Ugly Style

"You have a little drinky on your thinky". David Horvath

Yes indeed.

I thought my Uglydoll ensemble was complete.  (See previous post).
But I was pleasantly surprised to see how wrong I was!  I was missing my Big Toe drinky bottle!

At last, something to slip into my mesh water bottle holder than can dance and sing!

When I have the slightest bit more info on this, I will post it for sure.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Bag It! Ugly Style

Uglydolls got my back!  I'm not sure which of these four fantastic choices I will pick first. No doubt I'll have more than one. OK.  It's Big Toe first. No. Black Ninja Batty Shogun will be not show the dirt I seem to run into wherever I go.  But ah.  That Blue!  That Pink!  And OX!

My buddy, Dr. Max Abima has been wishing for better travel accommodations.  So with Max loaded  in the bag I can throw on my Ugly Hat, black Ugly hoodie, pin on my Ugly buttons, check the time on my Big Toe watch and strike out into the word with my Ugly flag proudly flying.  Wait.  Where is my Ugly flag?

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Button It! Ugly Style

I just got a peek at more of the upcoming goodies from Uglydoll and it looks like David and Sun-min ripped the top right off my wish list.
Uglydoll Buttons!  I wanted these since day one.  I have 5 lonely Bossy Bear buttons who will soon see some relief buttons riding in to take the wear and tear off them.

The buttons are made by Badge Bomb, a world class button making establishment without equal.  My opinion.  Natually Uglydolls sought them out to make the cadillac of buttons...The Ugly Button!!!!

The roar starts in the upper left hand corner with the one eye and just keeps rolling until it reaches the Uglyworm where the fun starts all over again.

And who's hand could that be reaching for that cookie???  Wadie, do you know where you Babo's are?

I developed a fever looking at all the awesome, delectable, collectible, Ugly coming our way this year.  I need to go find my Ice-Bat and chill.
Check back soon.  Your eyes will spin when you see what else is in store for us.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Uglydoll Tin Future Cars

I'm so excited about these upcoming Uglydoll Tin Future Cars that I can hardly type.  Look at those lines, the retro curves and colors. I see my beloved Wedgehead at the wheel of the black and white.

Uglydoll and Schylling team up again, and what a team they are!  I love ALL the Uglydoll tin toys from Schylling.  I'm sure these will be just as wonderful.

I can hardly wait for more close-up photos along with other angles.

These are extraordinary!  Go Uglydoll Go!