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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Pockets Goes To Work

This is Pockets.  He's one of our classic Wage's that came to us in need of an apron.  This fellow chose an apron with one big pocket.  You guessed it.  That's how he got his name.  
He went to work today where he attended several picnics, and went out for snacks and iced tea in between. 
Now he's needing some rest.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Write A Caption for Coldy Holdy

All suggestions are welcome. We will pick our favorite and add it to this pic!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Uglydoll Memory Book Part 2

As promised, I copied another page from my Uglydoll Memory Book to share with you.

 My Memory Book is made using an Uglydoll Journal, a glue stick, and MS Publisher.  In Publisher, I insert the photos and text, size it to fit in my Uglydoll Journal and cut it on a paper cutter for precise edges.  Then a few swipes of the glue stick and voila, a new page!

Click on the Memory Page to see a larger view.

It's a good project for combining  photography, writing, and page design with Uglydolls!

It's so much fun I get lost in it.

You can really get creative making your own Ugly Memory Book.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Bossy Shelves Get an Upgrade

What do collectors do when they're between adoptions?
I'm not sure!  But I'll show you what I like to do.

Upgrade and redistribute.  Dust and fuss.  Plan and adapt.

Here my den is adapting to my growing Bossy Bear and Friends collection.

The upgrade began when  Taipei Bossy Bear insisted he and his little yellow friends have their own real estate.  NO share, no way.

So off I went to purchase a nice looking but cheaply made and budget priced  set of shelves.  You can see Yellow Bossy and friends on their new dedicated Taipei shelf.

Arranging and experimenting with placement gives me hours of enjoyment.  It's meditative and more fun than TV.
I'm glad you can't see the many extra holes in the wall from failed attempts to mount the shelves. (I hope!)

Tomorrow we'll put up the last two little shelves from the set.  I hope to fill them with a couple of Crocadoca's I'm still searching for.  Nothing beats Ugly for a solid good time.

If you have an open spot on your shelves, keep and eye out for Roller the Reindeer coming out almost now!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Car Toys of Planet Hyundai

Once in a while toy collecting spills out of your house and into the greater world at large.  When that occurs amazing things can happen.

Here we see the roof of a car of one who takes vinyl to new places.  Every flat surface plays host to toys, including the hood and trunk.

When I saw this my day just stopped.  I stood in awe of Planet Hyundai and it's inhabitants.  Notice how now two are alike, yet they share their world on wheels in playful harmony. I suspect Woody from Toy Story has a good bit to with that.

If I ever see this car again, I will wait for the owner and tell him what an amazing Auto-Verse he has created.  AND I will introduce him to Uglydoll Action Figures!  Planet Hyundai will never be the same with Ugly on board.

The End

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Searching for Choco

Green Choco, aka Xmas Choco has been on my mind a lot lately.
I'm sure you can see why.  Just look at that intelligent expression, the athletic stance.  He's an 8" giant among vinyl's.

He has me in his  tractor beam, but I can't find him!  Just spent some hours methodically dredging through 50 pages of google hits on Horvath vinyl trying to ferret him out.

I did not find him but I did find the Horvath Family Mug, a "Property of the Horvath Family" T-Shirt,  and the Horvath Family Boxer Shorts.  If I were a member of the Horvath family, I would be finely outfitted at this point.  But alas I am still without my Green Choco.
Choco, where are you?

Monday, June 14, 2010

Giant Robot Magazine Uglydoll Surprise

Giant Robot magazine is  amazing cover to cover.  Issue 65 gave me an extra thrill when I saw the back cover.  Uglydoll all the way.  

Look at the tin truck for starters.  Soon-to-be-released and on my desk.  Peaco Action Figure is already in the house, and he is more fun than any picture can tell.  But this photo captures he rather well.

Like Uglydoll, Giant Robot cares about us and shows it with rich, glossy pictures and interesting articles you won't find other places.  I always walk away from GR magazine with something new in my head.  Creative inspiration is priceless, as is artistic diversity and GR mag brings it all.

Of course I'm always over the moon when Uglydoll figures prominently.  That's the BIG bang for me.  But in my opinion there's a bang in there for nearly everyone.

Issue 65 is a framer.  I'm working on ways to display the Uglydoll covers without taking the magazine apart. I'll keep you posted.  Please leave suggestions in the comments.

Just my opinion, but it's more of a grown-ups publication. I know I'm old fashioned, and kids today might laugh at me saying that.  But I must say that I've seen content that was not for the young audience.  So I encourage parents to look it over first.

Here's subscription info for GR.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Happy Sailor Hat Day

Our happy sailor's are here to wish you a most Happy Sailor Hat Day, June 11th.

Afternoon plans include movies of a nautical theme, cookies, yummy nibbins, and sharing stories of the sea.

A special tribute is planned for the legendary Sailor Cinko.  Here's to you wherever you are!

Blacked Out when I saw these!

Found this dark and dangerous group on David Horvath's blog today.  I nearly blacked out from the rush of sheer 1999 coolness.

Time to order another shelf.  These would look outstanding next to the Taipei Toy Fair Yellow and Black Bossy group.

Quad-tastic!  They remind me of superheros.
Click on the pic and look at their eyes.  The eyes look to have a matte finish, and the body is glossy.  Very nice!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

June Official Uglydoll Holidays

Some of the things I love about the Uglydoll Calendar, and why you will want one if you don't have one already.  If you have one, you may want two after you read this.

  • It arranges the days and weeks of the year into an easy to access monthly format!
  • Art is included on each page at no extra charge.  Just look at the example to the left. This is on the JUNE page. How awesome is that!  
  • There are fun to celebrate Ugly Holidays.  For example, June Holidays are:
  • June 7...Moon and Mars Artifact Day
  • June 8...Tray Day
  • June 11...Sailor Hat Day
  • It comes with STICKERS!
  • Every month is new and creative. 
  • It's easy to pick out a monthly theme.  I think the June  theme is Quantum Snacks. Look at June. You'll see why.
  • It leaves me laughing every time I look at it.  
  • The art is amazing Uglydoll art!  David Horvath all the way.
  • You can tell yourself you'll save it to cut up the next year and use the pics to decorate your home, then be emotionally incapable  of cutting it.  
  • If you save the 2010 calendar until 2021, you can USE IT AGAIN! 
  • It makes New Year's 100x more fun because there is  NEW Ugly calendar.
  • It is big enough to see!

Uglycorn Dreams

I dreamed all night about the Uglycorn.  And day dreams too.  Whimsical, magical, mystical, and so lovable, he's bound to have something for everyone in his mysterious personality.

The Uglycorn transports me to a simpler place of sweet dreams, cotton candy, winged beings, and happy beginnings with happy endings.

He has the Ugly spirit.  I can see it in his eye!  He reminds me of Uglydog, who holds a special place in my heart.  If Uglydog had an alter ego, or superhero persona, this is what I think it would look like.

And all this from one little picture!  Just wait till I meet Uglycorn in person.  I may have missed the Unicorn by a few thousand years, but this will be even better, thanks to expanding Uglyverse!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Holy Smokes!

Uglycorn: and Uglydoll and Toy Tokyo Exclusive.  And a must have for me! That is beyond words.
See Toysrevil.