Welcome from the Ugly Shire!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Veni, Vidi, Snacki

Greetings from the Uglyverse.  
Uglydoll Action Figures take to the skies in the Starship Max Abima to explore  faraway places, try new snacks,  and meet new flavors.  Here they land on Planet Uma and are greeted with what they hope is friendly enthusiasm???
Veni, Vidi, Snacki!

Coffee Buddies

Uglydolls are the perfect companions.  No matter where I go, they fit right in...even if it's a cup!

One look at those eager expression lightens the heart and fires up a powerful urge for coffee.

I think the Uglys are after some scones today.
In this photo:
Uglyworm. Little Uglydoll size.
Abima. Clip-on size. Don't let the size fool ya.   The Force is Ugly!!!

It's a GO for Uglydoll Hats

The wait is over.  Uglydoll Hats are available in the Official Uglydoll store.  Pink and Blue!
Click for Blue.
Click for Pink.

If you have Uglydolls, you better buy two if you plan on having one for yourself.

Super comfy!  Softy. Stretchy enough to fit most Ugly heads, large and small.  So well made you'll have this hat on when you retire.

Monday, August 23, 2010

The Return of Uglyblog

Look Look.  Uglyblog is back, or rather a new Uglyblog replaces the old.  Wonderful!!!!!

UGLYBLOG: WELCOME TO THE UGLYBLOG: "Welcome to Sun-Min Kim and David Horvath's (that's me) blog. We'll be doing our best to post here as often as possible! What's with the..."

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Pillow Delight

Uglydoll Pillows!  They are SO wonderful I can hardly stand it.  And then there's Nandy Bear in yellow, Uglybot in blue, Jrumpy in serious purple, and the ever-mysterious Flatwoodsey in pink.  Sigh. Wonderful.

Thanks for David Horvath and the Uglydoll Team for such a great photo!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Best Day Eve Interviews

August 18th is #1 Best Day Ever.  It's an Official Uglydoll Holiday on the 2010 calendar, and is taken seriously around here. We formed an Ugly committee to work out the details of observing such an important holiday.

We picked our best and brightest, and of course Dr. Max Abima was best suited as committee chairman.  Max decided this was a day best approached with a trial run.  He challenged our Uglys to think, go out, and have...The Best Day Ever....EVE!  That way we could work out any wrinkles.

Dr. Max observed them at their task, and interviewed a few of the Uglys for the Chronicles.

Big Toe took time in the Bamboo Garden to reflect and relax.  Time alone for a member of the dazzling 2010 Big Toe Collection is hard to find.  Though he enjoyed it, he made an important discovery we will reveal tomorrow.  Stay tuned, grasshopper!

Cookies. Cookes are wonderful !Babo wondered if it would be better to BE cookies than EAT cookies.  He crammed himself into a tight box to better embody a cookie. Would that make for the best day ever?

Little Wage and Uglydog thought a adventure would be the Best Day Ever.  They explored far and wide, and made some new friends.  Pretty fun, but the best?  We shall see.

Malcolm Wage is our Safety Officer.  It's a huge responsibility.  His mind is on safety, day and night.  So for his Best Day Ever he went for something daring. Something risky.  Something UN-safe.  Metal sculpture climbing!  Being Malcolm, he did tote a long his light saber,  warning flasher, money, a bit of rope,  and a cell phone. 

  "Take risks, but be smart!."  Malcolm Wage.

Tomorrow Dr. Max and our Ugly family will be right back here to share with you our #1 Best Day that we've had some practice.  

We hope you will have YOUR Best Day EVER, and share with us!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Uglydoll Pillows

This pic from Uglydoll's Booth made me shout when I saw the Uglydoll Pillows!  Look close.  They're there and they're square.

Coming soon to Ugly Chronicles:
The Choco and Minty Cook-Offs.
Who will be the Ultimate Vinyl King of the Kitchen?
Check back to see!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Uglydoll Tags with Max Abima

Max completed stage 2 of the Uglydoll Tag Project. He recruited some other members of the Abima family to the Tag Team.  They were very helpful, usually.

Here's what he used to make it happen.

  • Uglydoll Tags.  Max used the tags from 2 foot and Classic Uglys.
  • Collector Card Wall Display by Collector's Museum. 16 x 20 (Max used two)
  • Wall hanging hardware
  • Hands
  • Virgil, Beamer(in the hat)  and Wee Abima
We found these neat Card Displays for 50% off on sale at 15.00 each.
The frame allows for sliding the individual card holders in and out of the display unit for opening and viewing.

"See what you can do with a pair of hands!" Dr. Max Abima

Edited to add a link to the Wall Unit. You can find them here, and here, but sorry, not on sale.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Tag Team with Max Abima

Max Abima is a busy guy. Among other things, he's a doctor,  consultant, ambassador, writer, editor, therapist, actor, travel planner, and bush pilot.

But Max knows the value of some good down time. Here we find him sorting and arranging our growing collection of Uglydoll tags.  He can hardly wait to show you his newest fun project. Tomorrow!

Did we mention Max is also an interior designer?

Friday, August 6, 2010

Nandy Bear

Let's hear it for Nandy Bear Learning Express Exclusive from Uglydoll.  He's like a blue piece of toast that you can love and hug and keep forever.

No surprise that I've been getting some messages from other Uglydoll fans about the how's and where's of adopting  Nandy Bear.  So today I went hunting  for you.  I contacted the Learning Express home office with your questions.   As soon as I hear back, I'll post it here.

If you live near a Learning Express, it may be as simple as walking in to get your Nandy Bear! Here's the store finder link.  But alas, most Ugly fans must adopt by mail.

Anyone with more info than I have is invited to email me, and I'll happily spread the news.

These guys come in 3 sizes: 2 foot, Classic, and Clip-on.

UPDATE!!  Good news!  It's confirmed.  You can get your Nandy Bear by calling any Learning Express store, and they'll ship to you.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Uglydoll Calendars Up Close 2011

Uglydoll Calendars 2011 came today. .  Each month of the mini and standard size calendar shows a different charming Uglydoll photograph up top, with the amazing art of David Horvath sprinkled about the bottom.
 Each calendar has a sheet of bonus Uglydoll stickers! I let the sheets peak out from beneath the calendars so you could get an idea of how awesome they are without giving away the surprise. The mini calendar has a mini sheet of stickers, and the biggy has a bigger sheet!

Both calendars show September, October, November, and December 2010 together on one page for easy reference, and to let you get started using the your new Uglydoll Calendar right away. 

Color in cheerful abundance,  David's more-than-awesome art, together with adorable real-life Uglydoll photos make these calendars 1000% Ugly!  And a complete winner!

Those who get Uglydoll calendars each year will notice a solid departure from the entirely art-driven  Uglydoll calendars of past years. Though I confess to LOVING the old calendars with LOTS David's drawings, text bubbles everywhere, and quirky Uglydoll holidays, I am all on board with the NEW as well.  The 2011 Calendars are certain to make me smile every time I look at them.  How many things can I say that about!

I can already hear my own Uglydolls hoping to make it into next years calendar!  There's a little model in everyone, I guess. 

Oh. Mini Calendar. March.  Laugh Out Loud Funny!  Oh my gosh. Wait till you see.  One clue. Pointy Max. 

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Honey, I Shrunk the Uglydolls

They are tiny. They are awesome. They are Uglydolls.
Uglydoll X Medicom = Giant Fun.

Take em with you in a pocket.  Pose them all over town.  They'll keep you company wherever you go.

You can get them right now, right here. 
Limited numbers, so hop on over and grab a set.  Yep, they come in a set!  Too cool!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

For Love of Uglycorn

Little wonder I'm getting a lot of questions from online Ugly friends and family about the amazing and desirable Uglycorn. In fact, I'm hearing from friends I didn't know I had.  I like it!

The questions are all the same, with minor variations.  Where can I get them?

If you act soon you can get the Little Pink Uglycorn Here at the Official Uglydoll Store or
Here at Toy Tokyo or
Go to their store in New York.
Little Pink is the Toy Tokyo Exclusive. Price 15.00 plus shipping.

Classic size Blue Uglycorn is available in very limited numbers here at Giant Robot.  Price 30.00 plus shipping

Will Blue Uglycorn go up for sale on the Official Uglydoll Web Store with the Little Pink Uglycorn?
Word is the Blue will not be put on the Official Uglydoll Web Store, but only at Giant Robot and a smattering of other select small retailers of the walk-in toy store variety. Sorry but I don't know the locations of these stores.
A very few may make it to New York Comic-Con.

My unofficial and strictly Ugly fan advice is to get your Uglycorn while you can.  Holding Uglycorn is a truly wonderful experience.