Welcome from the Ugly Shire!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Max Attack

Can you ever have too much fun?  Max puts it to the test.  Will we ever see our mild mannered Max Abima again?  Stay tuned.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Yellow Uglydog

We welcomed Yellow Uglydog into our family today.  He's a dog of a different color! In person, he's a more vivid yellow with a slight tint of green.  His soft blue eye just melts us like butter. And red teeth!

This guy is a one-of-a-kind  handmade Uglydoll by Sun-min Kim and is from Uglycon 2 that took place at Giant Robot San Francisco in 2007. There were two handmade Uglydogs in that show. The other fellow was blue with a red eye.

I saw this Uglydog's photo two years ago in a forum thread and commented on how amazing I felt he was.  Little did I know  he would be with me someday, but I did wish and dream!
In the photo with him are a pair of Wedgehead's you may be familiar with. It's our trusty mail crew White Cat and Humphrey who regularly appear in photos orienting new family members to their surroundings.

My sincerest thanks to my Ugly friends who made this adoption possible!  And a very big thank you to his other Mommie who took such loving care of him.

Oh, and then there are the amazing creators....thanks Sun-min and David!  

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Bearbrick Babo and Trucko

Smokin!!! And in a good way.
Two new Uglydoll Bearbricks have made their way to the front of the line.
Babo and Trunko.
Look out. It's a frenzy of color. They look like they're about to launch into a snappy dance routine.  I suggest a classic like the Hammer Dance.
Pink Trunko made the transition to Beabrick in fine style.  His nose is adorable.

Uglydoll.  David and Sun-Min.  Always amazing. 

Here's some info copied from Action City on Facebook.
Exclusive ACTION CITY 10th Anniversary Commemorative BE@RBRICK Box Set

Created by renowned UGLYDOLL designers, Sun-Min & David, this limited edition collectible BE@RBRICK box set includes 2 pieces of 100% BE@RBRICK: TRUNKO + BABO.

*Only 500 pieces for Exclusive Advance Launch by Action City in Singapore.
=====When I find out how to get them, I'll let you know.

Monday, October 25, 2010

It's a Mystery

MartyKat may be an Uglydoll of the Gato Deluxe variety, but he's also pure cat and ... curious.
Last night he took to the shadows and went to the Big Room to see what his friends were up to.  He was stopped in his tracks by something completely unexpected.  ANOTHER Gato Deluxe.   MartyKat does not know where this new fellow came from....and neither do we!  Seriously! But there he was, standing amongst MartyKats friends like he belongs.

We thought he was MartyKat, seen in the left of photo.  Nope. Far from it. The mystery fellow could be Gato Super Deluxe from his plump and ample stature. Everyone is talking about it today.
Where DID he come from?
The new guy's not talking.  He likes the attention.  We named him Mr. Ree.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Rain? No problem.

It takes more than inclement weather to keep an Uglydoll like Dr. Max Abima from making his rounds.

Today he popped into his rain slicker and headed to the Starbuck's Drive-Thru.  Max didn't even have to say a word.  Just one look from him and the Starbuck's staff was laughing.  Like most Uglys, he has personality that can light up a room. It's in the genes.

When we told the SB staff that Max was paying for our drinks, they spoke to him directly and called him a real gentleman.  How true!
I'm sure they were extra pleased that Max tips well.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Steven the Bat

Dr. Max Abima is a patron of the arts.  His taste runs wide, but he has a special love of vinyl, and particularly the art of David Horvath (big surprise there), Le Merde, and Bwana Spoons.

Max's collection is growing and his newest piece is a gorgeous Mini Steven the Bat with green glitter!  We'll try for a better pic later, but Max was so excited to share he couldn't wait.

Max picked this piece up on the Super7 webstore right here. 

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Gifts for Halloween

Ugly Chronicles Halloween Gift suggestions are unsurprisingly Uglydoll!

How could you go wrong with an Icebat in the traditional colors of Halloween!  Sometimes called Secret Mission Icebat, these fine fellows made their way from the  Limited Edition Secret Mission group into the regular retail Uglydoll line-up. Plus they come in clip-on size for about 6.00 and two foot size as well.  That is happy news for those of you who want to get or give one for Halloween!

In this photo on the left we have Super7 Icebat, then two Little Icebat's with different teeth, then we have a regular Classic Icebat in his Halloween costume.  Guess who he's dressed up as?  Super7 Icebat!  We call this fellow Super6.5. 
Super7 Icebat is a Limited Edition Uglydoll from years gone by, exclusive to the Super7 store.  There were only 75 made.  He can be costly in today's collectors market.  BUT, you can dress up your Black Icebat like Super6.5 with a modest amount of cash and sewing skill.  Just make the cape and tie.  That's it.
Super7 has a tag in his cape that says....Super7, but for a costume you don't need that!
Hey, make yourself an orange cape, add a bat mask and go trick or treat with your Icebat as twins!

If I could afford it, I would get a box of Clip-on Uglydolls and give them out for Halloween instead of candy.  Can you image how much fun that would be for both the trick or treater and myself!

This is what I'm getting from my family for Halloween!  Here's the link if you want one.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

More Halloween Fun

Dr. Max Abima is an Uglydoll with many facets.  Here he explores his whimsical side as he consults with friends on their Halloween costumes.

Max says, "Get outside yourself, and have fun".

Friday, October 15, 2010

Ugly Autumn Fun

L to R Wedgehead, Moxy, Wage, Little Trunko, Jeero, Cozymonster,
 Little Toodee, Uppy, and Little Babo's Bird on the leaves. 
When an Uglydoll friend suggested we take photos of Uglydolls in a crowd having fun, I knew it would be an easy task.  Not a days goes by that without Ugly fun and games.  This happy group found the newly fallen leaves to be very interesting.  All I had to do was offer some snacks.  They all looked up and I snapped the pic.

Thanks to bringbackTooDee for inspiring us to watch for the fun!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Happy Uglyworm Day

We're a bit late on the photo, but we still send our biggest wish for a Happy Uglyworm Day.

Offically, this would be Sept 22.  But Uglyworms move in their own time zone.  You know. UTC=Uglyworm Time Continuum.

Uglydoll Pillows

Big Toe Uglypillow
Rest your head on this and you'll never want to get up again!  Or maybe you'll jump right up and run wild.  However you roll, you can go wrong with one of these!
Ox Uglypillow
Trunko Uglypilow
They are available over at the Uglydoll Store for a very friendly price of 25.00 each.  I was thinking they would cost twice as much, but at this price, I can have them ALL!  

Being an ample 14" x 14" this is no foo-foo pillow, no tiny whisper of softness, no hint of color hiding in the corner.  This is a full on, soft and fluffy, major presence ready to go face to face with anyone. Once I get my hands, or rather head on one of these I'll be right back to share the wonder with you.

Ice-bat Uglypillow...sure to be super popular!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wage Glow

My Uglydolls love all the seasons and know just how to prepare and enjoy.
I see my Uglys are not the only ones!  Here an adorable Wage glows with happiness with his Autumn flowers. Just looking at him makes me smile.  Everyone have a happy Autumn!

Special thanks to MAPow/MaryAnne for her permission to share her Flickr photo entitled "Sunsies".

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Jrumpy Hits the Road

He's on his way.  I can feel it. He's hit the road.
Jrumpy is coming! 
After a couple of phone calls I can say with confidence he will be available on or around Dec. 1st.
I don't know how he will get to my house.  Maybe he'll hitch ride on a sleigh, or drop off a hot air balloon.
 But I can tell by his expression that nothing will stop him.  He owns the road.
Remember, Jrumpy, take I-5 North and ask for the Ugly Shire.  Everyone knows where we are!
Take your time....but hurry!!!!!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Ugly Report for October

News from the Uglyverse seems a bit sparse these days. But after some investigative googling I found out a couple of things.
Uglydoll Action Figure Series 3 is done and ready for Toy Fair. 
AND...there is an entirely new plastic based Uglydoll line in the works!  Source: Davids' Uglyblog. 
The possibilities are endless on what David could be referring to, but that does not stop me from trying to imagine what it could be!  My latest guess...Ugly rockets!

New York Comicon came and went (today is the last day) without much fanfare that I could detect online.  This seemed odd to me, and in contrast to the excitement of SDCC where people were busy planning how to get an item, a sketch, an autograph, or a mule for the event.  I don't think David and Sun-Min went to NYCC, so that would definitely contribute to a quieter Ugly fan group. Someone let me know if I'm wrong about that. 

I've been asked about NYCC exclusives.  It's the adorable Uglycorn from SDCC!  That will also be the Ugly Exclusive plush at Singapore this year.  The Uglycorn is a Limited Edition, but I'm still searching for info as to how many there are! 

And get this!  There will be a special Medicom x Uglydoll Bearbrick Exclusive at Singapore Toy Fair. Who will join Icebat, Ox, Wage trio??  I haven't a clue. They'll be the Mod Quad!  Source: video interview with Alita of Uglydoll. 

What I'm sure of with all certainty is that Uglydoll has wonderful surprises in store for us.  How many times have they left me saying, wow, that was a dud.  Zero!  Yep, 0% of the time.
That leaves an astonishing record of 100% excellence.  So I'm ready and waiting for whatever is around the corner for the Ugly fan!  

Check back soon for some pics my new Uglydoll Tin and Uglybot!  So cool! 

Thanks to a wonderful Uglydoll friend, Noella, for the Wage Sticker pictured above.  
Sticker is 3x4 inches.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Dr. Max Abima, Costume Consultant

Hey Ugly buddies!  Dr. Max Abima is out and about as a Costume Consultant.  He can see your inner essence and helps you pick a costume to match.  Max says, "It's really easy at Halloween!"

All our Uglys enjoy dressing up.  Today they plan to decorate the entire house with an Autumn and Halloween theme.  I can hardly wait to see what the Uglydolls will come up with!   I'm already laughing.

Post in the comments if you need Dr. Max's Costume Consulting Service.  He's ready to help.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Uglydoll Halloween Gift Set

Halloween just got even better.  This is a Halloween Gift Set put together by the great people of Uglydoll. You get everything in the picture for only 50.00 PLUS free shipping. That's a good deal. Take it from one who knows. 

You get:
Ninja Batty Shogun Classic Size
Poe Action Figure
Clip-on Poe
Ice Bat Journal 
Orange Ice-bat Tote

I already have everything pictured yet I am STILL tempted by this awesome Halloween Set! Such is the power of Uglydoll!

Friday, October 1, 2010

An Ugly Halloween

Are you scared????
Ok, it's only Max getting ready for Halloween.

Our Uglydolls love costumes.  Max had at least 7 costumes picked out for last year.  This is one of them.  He wanted to post this pic in May, but I made him wait till October.  It wasn't easy.  He's not Dr. Patience.

We'll be back throughout the month with other Ugly Halloween pics.  Maybe from some of our Ugly Forum  and Flickr friends too.
Stay tuned, and get your Ugly on for Halloween!