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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

More Than An Uglydoll Lunch Box

Goodness. I have wanted an Uglydoll lunch box for years. Though tempted by a Serenity lunch box, I held out, and it was worth the wait. Just look at it. Babo's Bird, Ice Bat, Poe, Wage, Babo, Ox and WEDGEHEAD! Large Ice Bat on the reverse side.

Even more good news! There will be a second lunch box WITH a thermos. Delightful.

I'm already counting the things you can do with a lunch box...besides the obvious.

  • Store photos
  • Stow special trinkets
  • Hidden treasure box
  • Time capsule your grand kids...hehe...just think about that one.
  • Box for my Uglydoll postcard collection
  • Uglydoll zipper pulls hide-out
  • Memory box
  • First Aid Kit
  • Art Piece displayed on shelf
  • Cookie Box
Release of these is just around the corner, so start saving up.
  • Money Box!


  1. I LOVE tin lunch boxes. I used to have a cool collection. I definitely want this one!

  2. Cool Sidd! (Sorry, I'm used to your ugly forum name!)

  3. @mary...I love them too! I was stigmatized as a kid by my Ludwig Von Drake lunch box. Who the heck is that??? And how did my mother find such an obscure and embarrassing item? Goodwill maybe.

  4. @babofan001...Thanks! Sidd is just the right thing to call me. No prob.