Welcome from the Ugly Shire!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Get em out. Wind em up. Watch em go. My prediction is this towering 4 1/2 inches Uglybot will take over your room and you heart in under 2 minutes. I have uncanny accuracy in these matters. You'll see.

These guys are tin with a colorful plastic trim that holds them together. All over their robot bodies you will find your favorite Uglydoll characters. David Horvath knows what makes a robot tick. Just look through the window and you'll know too.

Speaking of windows, these come window boxed. That's extra nice. You could put an empty Uglydoll window box on a shelf and enjoy it. They look that good. Yep.

Uglybots will retail at $7.99, but if you're under 3 years old, put your money away. Only for 3 and over. Sorry. (But put it in an Ugly bank! ) That's only $23.97 for all three


  1. thats almost the price of a uglydoll im geeting all 3

  2. wait I dont see how there legs would move they look stuck together?!

  3. Glorious! Good thing Violet is almost three!

  4. @Ice Bat. I think they have little rolling wheel-like metal tires underneath that rolls them along. Something like that anyway.

    @Mary...before we know it, Violet will be designing and building robots.