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Friday, February 5, 2010

Romeo Wage Goes to Work

Meet Romeo. He a classic Uglydoll Wage with personality to spare. Today he took a break from his regular job as assistant bookseller to accompany a friend to their job for the day. It's been an exciting trip with stop-offs at the library and coffee shop. Everywhere Romeo goes people fall in love. And not just with him!

He came to us without his original apron, so we made him a new full length apron to suit his work as a bookseller. Like his friend and co-worker, Wade, he like buttons. Here he is wearing a GID Hollis button by Le Merde that he borrowed from Dr. Max Abima. He wears it every day.

Eager to share a smile, he jumps at the chance to brighten a day. See, he wants to brighten YOUR day. That's our Romeo.
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  1. Oh man, library and coffee shop= my favorite places to be!

  2. Romeo wants to meet you there!