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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Big Toe Collection 2010 Limited Edition

Last year Ox was the Uglyverse Special Limited Edition with 6 amazing colors. We've all been anxiously waiting to know who would be that special Uglydoll this year. Well you may have guessed it by now, but none of my friends did. I gave each friend 8 chances to guess which Uglydoll received that honor this year. One chance for each of Abima's fingers. No one guessed Big Toe. So that makes him the perfect and most surprising choice!

Which is your favorite flavor of Big Toe? So far I'm torn between the green on the bottom left, and the one next to him in the middle. We have a debate in progress over just what color that is. Three votes for orange so far. I say it's not orange. Can "not orange" be considered a color? So far, "not orange" is one of my top two picks for adoption. I think his color along with the simple black nose and light eyes are an understatement that says "Classy" without screaming it. Note: You cannot BE classy while screaming about it.
The green fellow with yellow eyes is also classy, in a Clark Gable sort of way. He's coming home for sure.

All of these gorgeous Big Toe variations rock the Uglyverse. They are due out in April.


  1. Hi sidd wafflesrock here your right about class I didn't think the 2010 line up (with nandy bear) couldn't get any better than I saw this do you know when we will see these in stores.

  2. Hi Wafflesrocks! Nice to see you on the blog. The Big Toe Collection is due out in April! Not long now. I will add that bit of info to my post. Thanks

  3. I heared something about trunko well guess I was wrong