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Monday, February 22, 2010

Holy Bifurcated Bat Toes

Uglydoll Icebat. TWO toes! David Horvath. Sun-Min Kim. Extraordinary. Again!
Love Love Love
Limited Edition of 300.

Historical note: The very first handmade Icebat sewn by Sun-Min had two toes and 5 teeth just like this.

Update copied from David's blog:

In 2002, Sun-Min sewed the first few

Ice-Bats with toes, bright blue fur, and 5 teeth!
Ever since, photos have popped up and
requests to make him have come in,
so we are creating a couple hundred
production versions just for Giant Robot.
They will be released at the GR store in LA
on Sawtelle this March the day of our
signing there.
NY and SF locations will get a few as well
I imagine.
Details and exact date soon, we are aiming for
March 6th!


  1. I saw him on Facebook earlier and nearly screamed with excitement! Violet saw it and did scream! Hahaha.

    PS- the word verification is "lifelat," which is sort if what it would sound like if a person with a bifurcated tongue said Icebat! Coincidence? No way!

  2. @Mary.."lifelat" hahaha

    @Mathieu...300 limited edition coming to Giant Robot!

  3. cant wait if anyones going Ill be sure 2 say HI

  4. Must get! :) Guess who's posting? Babofan!

  5. Hi Ice Bat and Babofan! Thanks for stopping by.

    I wish I could go to the signing.

  6. Me too. I read on the forum that they're selling them on GR online. The person put "at 12". Maybe on the day they are selling them?