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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Uglydoll Alarm Clock

What time is cookie time? All the time! Well at least according to this Uglydoll Alarm Clock. It's part of the new Uglydoll Tin series of goodies. Those are real metal bells on top to ring in the morning or clang at cookie time. Babo says the hands point to the number of cookies you get at that time. And he includes BOTH hands. It's a fun game to brush up the on addition skills, and tasty too. Let's see. 9+3= cookies. Got it.

It's 6 inches tall, runs on batteries and comes in a window box. Retails at 16.99. I've saved up the money and dusted off a spot on my nightstand.

That's Babo and Ox on the face.

In 2009 we saw the Ox Collection that included six different colors of classic sized Ox in limited numbers. Now he's on the clock. It's must be pretty good to be Ox these days! And then there's Ox in the Box. Stay tuned fellow Ugly fans!
In case you missed the Ox Collection you can still adopt one from the Official Uglydoll Store!


  1. what does ox in a box do is it a jack in the box?

  2. @Ice Bat...Yeah, I think he's like a jack in the box..only Ox!