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Saturday, February 27, 2010

More Uses for Uglydoll Lunch Box

A favorite Ugly buddy of mine made some additional and excellent suggestions for Ugly Lunch Boxes.
WagesDetectiveAgency wrote:
Want to hear more uses for Ugly lunchboxes? Cookie box was my favorite idea of yours.

* Nighttime - put it next to your bed with some relaxing things in it like a pillow stuffed with chamomile, nightly medicine if you take any
* Art box - put in your favorite drawing pencils, etc.
* Jewelry box
* Hair accessories
* Toy box
* Make-up box
* Garden seeds
* Keep your music in it
* Recipe box
It's so fun to inspire each other. Now Mr. Horvath can make us many more versions of the Uglydoll box, hee hee.
Thank you, WagesDetectiveAgency for this great list of suggestions. An art box! Fabulous.
Hey everyone. If you also have a good idea, send it along and I'll post it!
Second Update: Ice Bat suggested use: Action Figure Holder. See comments section for more! Thanks Ice Bat.


  1. Are the boxes available to buy yet? I am behind on my Ugly Facts. I think I would hide cookies in mine. :)

    And Sidd- I have your blog address down on the sketchbook list! That means (hopefully soon) another blogger will be over here asking for your address to send it to you. I am sending it to the first person who responded (me and my dumb fair rules! Sorry!) on Monday. I hope it gets to you soon. You are only a couple after him on the list. Can't wait to see your addition to it!

  2. No, the boxes will be available very soon, but not yet.
    I can hardly wait for the book to makes it's way to me. I'll email you my address if you don't still have it.

  3. i came up with one UGLY ACTION FIGURE HOLDER i already came up with the commercial:"are your UAFs getting scrathed well now in a x tra UGLY style UAF HOLDER"