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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

New Uglydolls Blowin My Socks Off

Look on the back of the box! It's the new 2010 Uglydoll Action Figures. We have Uglydog, Uglworm, Poe, Big Toe, Trunko, and Peaco. I'm dizzy just thinking about. I was keeping my fingers crossed for Uglyworm, and boy did that pay off. I highly recommend finger-crossing for the big things in life.

That's not all the Ugly news for today. But I'll let this awesomeness rest on your mind a little while, and soon be back with more.

Each of the 6 figures comes in 2 colors, no repeaters. Oh, and they are still a whopping 3 inches tall. Plus they come in those totally adorable and collectible window boxes. Reminds me of the larger Critterbox Uglydolls of days gone bye!

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