Welcome from the Ugly Shire!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Light Bulbs and Friends with MoeJoe Abima

MoeJoe is new to the family.  He's a 2 foot Abima who really enjoys games. All of the PC's were occupied with Babo's hunting for on-line cookie deals, but MoeJoe is a forward thinking kind of guy and went looking for another outlet for his gaming pleasures.

After a few worrisome crashes in the hall closet he emerged with Rummikub.  It's a good old fashioned game of chance, skill, and planning whose only requirement is a light bulb and a good friend.  Around here MoeJoe Abima has plenty of both.
Let the games begin!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Vinyl Chef Cook-Off Team 2

The Vinyl Chef Cook-Off continues with Team 2 headed by the famed Green Chef . This culinary team chose Baked Pecan Apples.

When  Chef  Choco was asked how he made his recipe choice he just kept repeating, "Apple Bake, Apple Bake". His Minty assistant added that this is the only food they know how to cook.

Even with a limited recipe base we think this team has an excellent chance of claiming the title "Vinyl Chef Supremo."
Time to eat.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Max and Dave Go Shopping

Dr. Max agrees with his new buddy, Dave Darinko that some updated, expanded shelving is in order for our crowded Ugly house.  

So Max grabbed Dave, us  and the car keys and headed off for IKEA.  The drive was long , rainy and quite pleasant.  

It was a good thing we had two Uglys along with an eye for decor because we could not find the unit we intended to buy and had to improvise on the spot. Max and Dave hopped from unit to unit, testing them for head clearance and color. 

We found that not only were most of the shelf units way to big for the car, they were also too heavy to carry and too expensive to buy. So we scaled our large and elaborate dreams of floor to ceiling white wall units down to some politely priced,  smaller, lightweight shelves in a color called black-brown. Max says one must remain flexible when decorating. We bent over backwards. 
After grabbing a few other Ugly wall accessories we headed home for the big build now currently underway in the living room.  Soon you will be seeing how our huge white wall unit turned small, modest black-brown grouping of shelves looks covered in our beloved Uglys.  Dave Darinko says once the Uglydolls hop aboard no one will ever notice the shelves.  How true! 

Dave Darinko: Leader and Decorator

Dave Darinko arrived today.  His tag says he is a natural leader.  And he is.
The first think he did was give hugs and assess the problem of crowding in our Ugly Shire.  So he's off to IKEA with us to pick up some new shelves suitable to his tastes.  Way to go, Dave!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Babo's Cookie Problem

When we came home yesterday evening we were surprised to find the Babo's gathered around something other than the cookie jar.  What could it be?

It's Babo's Cookie Problem, a new book from Uglydoll creators Sun-Min Kim and David Horvath.  Our Babo's were very excited for reading time to begin, with cookies of course.  So we headed to our comfy spot to read out loud and nibble.

We were not prepared for the hilarity of this book. All Uglydoll are books are cute and comical, but this book is outright funny.  We laughed. The Babo's laughed.  We were all so amused we forgot to eat the cookies.  Now THAT is amazing.

I don't want to spoil your surprise when you read it, but think of me when Uglyworm says "good thing he doesn't have a hat on".  Oh my.  That part did me in.

You can get it here for 12.99.  It is a hardback with a soft fabric Babo on front nicely outlined in black stitching.  His yellow eyes almost glow. It is sure to be a lifelong favorite in my book collection. I hope David and Sun-Min had as much fun creating it as we did reading it!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Uglydoll Action Figures Series 3

Just got confirmation my Series 3 Action Figures are on their way. If the laws of space-time still hold sway, they cannot be here yet so I'm resisting the urge to watch for the Ugly delivery truck. Mixed results with that.

Let's see. Who am I the most excited about in this pictures.  Pointy Max.  It's a tough one though because those kaiju Ice Bats are more than superb.  It is almost impossible to pick a favorite with Uglydoll so I rarely even try.  But occasionally I dabble.
Hum...that Nandy Bear looks mighty fine.

Get them here. 

UPDATE:  If you want one of these get it soon.  They are selling out at record speed and will not be restocked until the FALL!  How cool that Uglydoll is so popular!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Wedgehead x 4

Big Wedgehead fan here.  And the only thing better than one Wedgehead is MORE!

Meet four of my main guys.  From left to right: Little Wedgehead , then the tiny one is a Clip-on Wedgie, next is Midling Wedgehead, and then Classic Wedge.

The Wedgehead on the far left is a Sneak Preview  version, sometimes called a sneak peak.  They were released at San Diego Comic Con in 2005 and are a limited edition Ugly.  Little Wedgehead in this color blue was never released as a retail Ugly. There were two retail versions, one pink and the other grey with red teeth. All of them are equally adorable.

The fellow in the middle is a Midling Wedgehead.  He's a one-of-a-kind mid-sized Uglydoll handmade by the amazing Sun-Min Kim.  This size Uglydoll was never produced, BUT soon the Citizens of the Uglyverse will hit the stage.  I'm guessing based on bits I've read here and there that they will be in a mid-size!  And it's a nifty size to be at a full 10 inches!

The 12" Classic Uglydoll is our boy Rocket.  We named him rocket because he likes to stand on his head and blast off. If you've been following the Ugly Chronicles for a long time you've seen Rocket before.  He's the fellow in the weird 3-D glasses leading a mission into space. (you'll have to look a ways back to find that one)

Rocket is what we call a Gen 1 (Generation 1)Wedgehead meaning he's a member of the first wave of Wedgeheads to be released.  Like a first edition!    When you get into Ugly as deep as I am, you care about these things.

Here's a cool tidbit about Wedgehead.  Wedgehead is one of David Horvath's early drawings from when he was a kid!  Seriously.  I read that.  And look at him now.
Maybe Wedgehead is,  in his own way,  the first Uglydoll.  If I ever meet David Horvath, I'll try to get over my shyness and ask him.

Now go give your Wedgehead a hug!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Abima Economy Class

Traveling Economy Class can be a bit cramped.  But it is well worth it when you have family and friends waiting to welcome you with a hug and some good chiropractic care. Dr. Max to the rescue.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Citizens of the Uglyverse 1-6

Yahooo!  Thanks to David Horvath for sharing this pic! Now we have some names to go with those adorable faces.

Uglydolls 2011

You can have your own indoor rainbow!  Just look at those colors.  I plan on adopting each and every one of them.  The cute meter is going off the charts this year with the creative offerings of Sun-Min Kim and David Horvath.

Uglydolls are an amazing thing.  They may look to some like toys, but really they are family members.  Many of our Uglys are not content to just sit on a shelf. It's a hold-me, hug-me, photograph-me, take-me-with-you sort of thing around here. We wouldn't dream of having a movie night without our Uglydolls around us to share it with.

So when I see this photo I'm looking ahead to some serious one-on-one snuggling, some cookie and tea parties, and some antics as yet to be revealed.  Come on home sweet Uglys.  The door is open.

Now if I could just find some names to go with those faces my bliss would be complete.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Big Toe Mug Meets Mr. Coffee

They were a match made in Ugly heaven.

When asked how he feels about his friendship with Mr. Coffee Big Toe replied, "It's very fulfilling".

Rainbows and Cookie Jars

It was a Rainbows and Cookie Jars kind of day.  First came the rainbow right over my house.  And then driving right underneath it came the Uglydoll delivery truck (aka Fedex.)

Rainbow. Uglydoll.  A rather perfect moment. 

The Uglydoll ceramics are wonderful.  Babo Cookie Jar is bigger than he looks online.  He's ample. Of course he is.  He's Babo! You can get a very respectable cache of large cookies in there.

A picture cannot do justice to the vibrant colors.  They're rich colors that make you smile.  The mug boxes proclaim they "make you happy". Indeed they do!  I'm happy as can be right now. 

I was not surprised at the super high quality of the ceramics.  I mean, it IS Uglydoll.  Yet I'm impressed. The finish is smooth, the handles feel sturdy, the paint around the eyes and teeth is flawless. 
Move over Denby.  There's a new mug in town. 

My recommendation:  GET some!  Maybe yours will come with a rainbow too! 

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Vinyl Chef Cook-Off

The wait is over.  The  Vinyl Chef Cook-Off  is under way.  All of our Chef Choco's think they are the best, but we know where the proof is!

With  Minty by his side Orange Chef Choco offered the first challenge with his attractive, delicious, and mostly healthy acorn squash stuffed with nuts, raisins, cranberries, and cherries. And sugar!

Check back as the competitors step up with their own special recipes.  The winning recipe will be posted here on the Ugly Chronicles for all to enjoy.
We will also share any recipe you see if you ask.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Garden Wage

Early in the morning Garden Wage can often be found shuffling around the plants with is water can in hand.  He talks with the flowers and always knows exactly what they need.

What's better than a green thumb?  An ORANGE thumb!  And Wage has two of those.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Abima Brothers A Day in the Life

Max Abima used his extensive skills as a Landscape Engineer to supervise the spring clean-up and planning on our little acre of land. Max made certain we did the most important things first, and took snack breaks.

While his big brother Max was busy with the great outdoors, Little Virgil Abima turned his attentions to selecting fabric for his new cape. He's worn his holiday cape without complaint, but is more than ready for non-seasonal attire.  He chose two patterns.  One for classy occasions and the other for everyday wear.

It's a busy day in the Ugly Shire.

And hey!  I think that's my hat!