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Friday, March 12, 2010

Farewell Uglydoll Adoption Thread

Today we wish a fond farewell to a favorite Forum thread: The Uglydoll Forum Adoptions Thread.

It's a nostalgic ride down memory lane for me as I think of all the cool, amazing, rare, not-so-rare, plush and vinyl Ugliness that passed through that portal to their new homes.

If I were to line up all the Uglydolls end to end that I've adopted through that thread they would stretch from my office all the way to the kitchen and back.  When they got back, they would all have pastries and cookies with them.

I have Uglydoll Forum and the Adoption Thread to thank for a parade of Uglydolls that includes:

  • Little Ugldolls with misspelled tags (it's a collector thing)
  • Hard to find Uma
  • Crittebox Set that took me two over two years to assemble. 
  • 75% of my postcard collection
  • Highly prized Wedgehead it!
  • The Vinyl Ice Bat that replaced mine that fell and broke it's wing and my heart. (The Bat that fell later had reconstructive surgery and is back on his shelf 100%!)
  • Thawed Ice Bat
  • Goodies from shows
  • The list goes on! And on! Seriously.

As I look around my home / office I cannot imagine what a colorless spot some corners would be without the Uglydoll Adoption Thread.  It leaves me deeply grateful and a little wistful for the passing of an era, the closing of a door to a place I've come to rely on to meet my Ugly needs, or at least air my Ugly dreams.

I feel a bit adrift, not certain of what will come to fill the void, yet full of hope that something will!  There is and always will be a unspeakable, magical momentum that carries Uglydolls and those who love them to the best and highest place.  I trust it, and wherever that stream is flowing, I am in for the journey.

Thank you to David Horvath, Sun-min Kim, and Pretty Ugly for the Uglydoll Forum!  

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  1. Well, looks like the Adoption Center will be going to "Section Heaven" to join Open Mike Night and the old Uglycon Section. Man, I'll miss the Adoption Center... it just won't be the same. I hate these drastic changes David's been making over the past few months.