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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Uglydoll Action Figures 2 Are MINE

I just hit the BUY button on a complete set of Uglydoll Action Figures Series 2. I've been saving especially for this set ever since David Horvath leaked the first tempting hint they were coming. I added the last 30.00 dollars to my money pile yesterday and put them on pre-order today.

Whew.  That takes it from "dream" status to "reality" status and spikes the needle on my Ugly Excitement Meter.  I don't know exactly when to expect them so I'm enjoying the slight edge of disquiet I get when awaiting something spectacular.

What to do while waiting?  Ah, I have that down to a finely tuned ritual.

  • First, print two photos of the anticipated treasure.
  • Affix one pic at eye level near pc monitor
  • Glue second pic into my journal for flip reference
  • Put out sign to delivery driver to knock loudly
  • Email friends with how-to-order info
  • Cruise the house for potential display areas
  • Plan and purchase shelving if needed
  • Play with Series 1 Action Figures
  • Get excited at every truck that goes down my sleepy street
  • Blog it!
Click here to go over to the Official Uglydoll Store where you can browse the entire set.  You can order the entire set there for 120.00 with free shipping in the USA, or get them individually for 10.00 each.

I chose the complete set PLUS I ordered a couple of singles for friends.  Once my friends see them, I'll be placing another order for sure!

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