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Friday, March 5, 2010

Chilly Chilly Ice Bat Book

Chilly Chilly Ice-Bat (Uglydolls)Look what I just bought. Chilly Chilly Ice-Bat Book!  I don't want to give the story away, but I'll tell you someone's air conditioner is broken.  I don't yet have the book in hand, but it LOOKS like it has the same plushy, velvety, soft cover style as the Uglydoll Journals.  Now those are very nice.  

Hey Ugly!: Uglydoll Uglyworm JournalI'm not sure which Uglydoll Journal is my favorite, but tonight I'd have to say it's Uglyworm Journal. Rarely do you find a book that is so pleasant  to hold you don't need to open it to enjoy it.  Amazingly, that can be said for ALL the Uglydoll Journals.  It's so cuddly it's like having  Pet Book!

Soon I'm planning another post on Uglydoll Journals where I share some of the great uses for them, besides being your cuddle book. So stay tuned.

If you want to encourage someone to write or keep a diary, this journal should do the trick.  Who could resist?  Not me.


  1. the cover isn't plush. :( the ice-bat is sorta plush, but he is really soft. it is a neat book. you're gonna like it a lot. :D

  2. Thanks for letting me know. I'm glad Ice Bat is soft. Perfect!

  3. I have it the book is the best