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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Uglydoll Action Figures Series 2 Around the Corner

Look what's just around the corner!  Uglydoll Action Figures Series 2 are on pre-order here.

We've been waiting for these and the wait is nearly over!

They are the same whopping 3 inch giants as AF Series 1, so they're well prepared to take their place in the line up.

With a complete Series 2 you get:

  • Big Toe
  • Poe
  • Trunko
  • Uglydog
  • Uglyworm
  • Peaco
Each comes in two colors making 12 in a complete set.  Or you can mix it up by buying them separately for about 10.00 each. Either way, you get them in their awesome Uglydoll window boxes.  This time around there's no chase like Red Tooth Wedgehead in Series 1.

Whether you adopt just one or the entire crew, Uglydoll Action Figures spell fun for all ages.
This is not just a  child's toy, although they are child safe for Ages 4 and up.  This  figure is a family member, a travel companion, and confident.  Your Action Figures has your back, and maybe your lunch too.

If you're new to Uglydoll AF this series is a good place to dive.  If you have Series 1 you'll want Series 2.  They are cool all over again!  Only more and better!

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  1. YES WINDOW BOXED I olny got red wage from series 1 im thinking of getting uglyworm & poe first