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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Ugly Guide 4

Ugly Guide to Eating Out and Keeping It Down  is here! Well, if it's after March 9, 2010 that is!

Considering March is a feature month for time travel, you could be looking at this blog from any point in time. Just check out March in the 2010 Uglydoll Calendar for valuable information on the subject including tips on how to Fit In in the past. You will need this.

The Ugly Guide to Eating Out and Keeping It Down is the 4th in the Ugly Guide series and arrives not a moment too soon or too late.

After mastering the information in the other 3 Ugly Guides:
  1. Ugly Guide to the Uglyverse
  2. Ugly Guide to Things That Go and Things That Should Go But Don't
  3. Ugly Guide to Being Alive and Staying That Way
you can see the next logical step is a Guide to Eating. I mean, after all that learning and preparing where would you go but out to eat?

My links  go to the soft cover or hardback versions of the books. Hardbacks, sometimes called library binding  cost about 13.00. I need something that will last though the ages.

The books with soft covers have softer prices. (About 5.99 for the Ugly Guides) Click on my Bookshelf on the right sidebar for more info.
Note: The hardcovers hold up very well to time travel.


  1. I have all three there the BEST cant wait to know whare to eat (im geting this as my first hardcover uglyguide)

  2. oh and by the way it would be great if you check out my blog