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Monday, March 8, 2010

The Batty Shogun Countdown

UglyDoll Classic Ninja Batty Shogunmore days to go until the release of the fabulous Ninja Batty Shogun. It's time to begin......The Countdown! 

Release date...March 15. Or sooner at some locations!  

This gives us a little time to consider which size to get:

Clip-on Ninja Batty Shogun for 6.00

Classic Ninja Batty Shogun for 19.99

Little Ninja Batty Shongun for 9.99

TWO FOOT Ninja Batty Shogun for 49.99

Handmade Red Batty Shogun

Batty Shogun Uglydoll David Horvath Sun-Min  This amazing red Batty is a one of a kind rare handmade sewn by Sun-min Kim for the Mono Show at Stitch in Tokyo. This fellow looks dazzling to me.  He must be most amazing in person.
Thanks to jcsivy for the use of the photo!

Please note:  All the new release retail Batty's are black.  There is only one red Batty!

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