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Monday, March 8, 2010

How about a Little Ugly

Uglydoll Jeero-new Color Green PlushUglyDoll Tray (Pink) 14" Classic New 2009UglyDoll UglyDog (Blue) 12" Classic New 2009If you liked the new colors of the 2009 Uglydolls, brace yourself.  It's getting better.  Little Uglies in the SAME colors are just around the corner.  I'll be here with the release info as soon as I get it.  I wonder if  MORE 2009 Uglydoll colors will make the jump to Little.

 Let's see...actually Uglyworm would have to jump the other way.  From Little Blue to Bigger Blue.  And then Minimum Wage in his redder color could go BIG!  Oh, and Little green Abima could Super Size.  Anyway, I digress.

I have the 14" Uglydog in the blue, and he's really cool, and REALLY BLUE.  No hinting at blue here.  He brings the blue to new levels.  He's also the perfect companion.  Blue in color, never blue in spirit.

Still looking for a the Classic 12-14" size in the 2009 color?
Classic Jeero Minty Green
Classic Tray Bright Pink
Classic Uglydog Vibrant Blue


  1. i was gonna get these colors now I could get all three for $30 woot!

  2. @Ice Bat...that is a great opportunity to have all three, isn't it! which one will you get first?

  3. cause I would go crazy buying one and going to the next (im not sane when it comes to uglys) then ill just collect $30 and buy all 3