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Monday, March 15, 2010

More Holdy Than Coldy

Our Coldy Holdy Ice Bat is a very popular guy. It turns out he's more of a Holdy than a Coldy.  He likes to go where we're going and do what we're doing.  Bike rides, movies, jogging, yard work. He's up for anything, even if that means he's down in the dirt and sand.

Keeping this guy clean was starting to be a problem.  Each night we worked on the smudges, hand prints, food bits and other remains of the day.  By the next evening we'd have to start all over again. He's just a naturally active and socially gifted guy. There are worse problems to have.

We did, however, find our solution to keeping a clean and collectible Ice Bat.

Meet Keepy Cleany!
He came to us through our friend Justin. Now this handsome Ice Bat likes to sit on a ledge and observe. He's knows he's collectible and likes it that way.  Not so much into going and doing, he likes to stay sparkling clean and greet admirers after they've calmed down and their hands are clean.

It's all a matter of finding the right Ice Bat for the job. We're just so happy to have our two stunning boys.   In our house, there's a place for everyone!

Ugly History: Coldy Holdy Ice Bat was a FAO limited edition release.  He's no longer available on line through FAO, but if you want him you can still find
him on ebay for about 25.00. But get him while
supplies last!



  2. Ice Bat...Justin still has another Coldy! It's not too late :)

  3. so if Coldy Holdy's more of a Holdy, than maybe you should just call him Holdy.

    He he.