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Saturday, February 27, 2010

More Uses for Uglydoll Lunch Box

A favorite Ugly buddy of mine made some additional and excellent suggestions for Ugly Lunch Boxes.
WagesDetectiveAgency wrote:
Want to hear more uses for Ugly lunchboxes? Cookie box was my favorite idea of yours.

* Nighttime - put it next to your bed with some relaxing things in it like a pillow stuffed with chamomile, nightly medicine if you take any
* Art box - put in your favorite drawing pencils, etc.
* Jewelry box
* Hair accessories
* Toy box
* Make-up box
* Garden seeds
* Keep your music in it
* Recipe box
It's so fun to inspire each other. Now Mr. Horvath can make us many more versions of the Uglydoll box, hee hee.
Thank you, WagesDetectiveAgency for this great list of suggestions. An art box! Fabulous.
Hey everyone. If you also have a good idea, send it along and I'll post it!
Second Update: Ice Bat suggested use: Action Figure Holder. See comments section for more! Thanks Ice Bat.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Uglydoll Alarm Clock

What time is cookie time? All the time! Well at least according to this Uglydoll Alarm Clock. It's part of the new Uglydoll Tin series of goodies. Those are real metal bells on top to ring in the morning or clang at cookie time. Babo says the hands point to the number of cookies you get at that time. And he includes BOTH hands. It's a fun game to brush up the on addition skills, and tasty too. Let's see. 9+3= cookies. Got it.

It's 6 inches tall, runs on batteries and comes in a window box. Retails at 16.99. I've saved up the money and dusted off a spot on my nightstand.

That's Babo and Ox on the face.

In 2009 we saw the Ox Collection that included six different colors of classic sized Ox in limited numbers. Now he's on the clock. It's must be pretty good to be Ox these days! And then there's Ox in the Box. Stay tuned fellow Ugly fans!
In case you missed the Ox Collection you can still adopt one from the Official Uglydoll Store!


Get em out. Wind em up. Watch em go. My prediction is this towering 4 1/2 inches Uglybot will take over your room and you heart in under 2 minutes. I have uncanny accuracy in these matters. You'll see.

These guys are tin with a colorful plastic trim that holds them together. All over their robot bodies you will find your favorite Uglydoll characters. David Horvath knows what makes a robot tick. Just look through the window and you'll know too.

Speaking of windows, these come window boxed. That's extra nice. You could put an empty Uglydoll window box on a shelf and enjoy it. They look that good. Yep.

Uglybots will retail at $7.99, but if you're under 3 years old, put your money away. Only for 3 and over. Sorry. (But put it in an Ugly bank! ) That's only $23.97 for all three

Monday, February 22, 2010

Holy Bifurcated Bat Toes

Uglydoll Icebat. TWO toes! David Horvath. Sun-Min Kim. Extraordinary. Again!
Love Love Love
Limited Edition of 300.

Historical note: The very first handmade Icebat sewn by Sun-Min had two toes and 5 teeth just like this.

Update copied from David's blog:

In 2002, Sun-Min sewed the first few

Ice-Bats with toes, bright blue fur, and 5 teeth!
Ever since, photos have popped up and
requests to make him have come in,
so we are creating a couple hundred
production versions just for Giant Robot.
They will be released at the GR store in LA
on Sawtelle this March the day of our
signing there.
NY and SF locations will get a few as well
I imagine.
Details and exact date soon, we are aiming for
March 6th!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

More Than An Uglydoll Lunch Box

Goodness. I have wanted an Uglydoll lunch box for years. Though tempted by a Serenity lunch box, I held out, and it was worth the wait. Just look at it. Babo's Bird, Ice Bat, Poe, Wage, Babo, Ox and WEDGEHEAD! Large Ice Bat on the reverse side.

Even more good news! There will be a second lunch box WITH a thermos. Delightful.

I'm already counting the things you can do with a lunch box...besides the obvious.

  • Store photos
  • Stow special trinkets
  • Hidden treasure box
  • Time capsule your grand kids...hehe...just think about that one.
  • Box for my Uglydoll postcard collection
  • Uglydoll zipper pulls hide-out
  • Memory box
  • First Aid Kit
  • Art Piece displayed on shelf
  • Cookie Box
Release of these is just around the corner, so start saving up.
  • Money Box!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Friend Dave Custom

What could be better than a visit from My Friend Dave? Three My Friend Dave customs!

This much handsomeness can only be the work of David Horvath.

From the Giant Robot Biennale 2 Art Show, he is the compadre of Sun-Min's Monster from a slightly earlier post.

I've been asked which is my favorite. With Horvath creations picking favorites is futile, because they are all unique and equally fan-tas-tic! As are we all!

If you want Dave to be your friend too, checkout CS Toys. They have a few Dave's, but grab yours soon. Experience tells me they will disappear.

CS Toys has Dr. Max Abima's Super Seal of Approval.

Uglydogs welcome Uglypup

Uglydogs are very proud of their new little brother. They offered him their bone. He accepted.

The little fellow is one of the new Uglydog Series 2 Action Figures soon to be available at your local toy store. He's about 3 inches tall and comes in a window box that is an art piece all on it's own. This Uglypup has a special tummy tatt, but he's too ticklish to show you. Maybe later.

We are so very grateful to have our darling little Uglydog.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Dr Max Abima's Office call

When Dr. Max Abima heard a friend was sick, he made a video office call. It is said the entire office felt better after seeing his video. Sometimes it helps just to know someone cares.

Giant Robot Needs Us

...and we need Giant Robot! Please take a moment to watch this video in support of the fabulous Giant Robot Magazine. It's up to us to keep it.

Update:  March 2010.  I received my first couple of issues.  They were amazing, however, I felt they had some imagines I would not share with children.  Please look through some issues before you subscribe if you plan to share with children.  Thanks

Friday, February 12, 2010

Cover Worm

Good thing Ugly Worm is grounded and down to earth, or being a Cover Worm might go to his head.

This is definitely Ugly Worms year. Not only is he a Cover Worm, but will also have his own Action Figure in 2010. See previous post for pic.

Update: Thanks to Mary for another link to Cover Worm's

Sun-Min Monster #5

It's not just another pretty face. This is Monster number 5, created and handpainted by Sun-Min Kim. She's only 6 1/2 inches from toe to spike-tip, yet weighs an impressive 1 pound 2 ounces. She can hold her own in any crowd of Kaiju, that's for sure.
Already she's drawn some admirers! She's a sweetheart.
I was already a huge fan of Sun-Min Kim and Monster only increases my admiration.

I always try to help others get their own Sun-Min Kim / David Horvath creation, but Monster one will a tough one. They were produced in very limited numbers (I'm guessing 20) for Giant Robots Biennale 2 in Oct 2009, after which the mold was broken. So you'd need to find a collector willing to part with one. These are SO amazing you'll need to use up a lot of your good luck to get one. Though it would be worth it!

Thursday, February 11, 2010


I just love this photo Mothman and Flatwoods!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Uglydoll Action Figures Series 2

Look what David just shared on Facebook. I must summon a calm from deep within or I'll just implode with anticipation. No one will know what happened to me.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Romeo Wage Goes to Work

Meet Romeo. He a classic Uglydoll Wage with personality to spare. Today he took a break from his regular job as assistant bookseller to accompany a friend to their job for the day. It's been an exciting trip with stop-offs at the library and coffee shop. Everywhere Romeo goes people fall in love. And not just with him!

He came to us without his original apron, so we made him a new full length apron to suit his work as a bookseller. Like his friend and co-worker, Wade, he like buttons. Here he is wearing a GID Hollis button by Le Merde that he borrowed from Dr. Max Abima. He wears it every day.

Eager to share a smile, he jumps at the chance to brighten a day. See, he wants to brighten YOUR day. That's our Romeo.
Adopt your own Wage here. 
Secret Mission Wage (in black) is still available here.

Uglydoll Zipper Pull / Cell Hanger

Uglydoll Zipper Pull / Cell Hangers. Coming very soon. Collecting these will be fun and affordable. Time to start thinking of all sorts of places to hang them and ways to use them. They are a great pocket sized gift too! Who wouldn't love one?

Of course each of my Uglydolls wants a zipper pull of himself! It's like a mini-action figure!

Shipping in April 2010.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Dr. Max Abima Prescription #2

You are who you are. No matter what others may say, celebrate your uniqueness. Hold on to it like a rare treasure and never let it go. If you have four fingers and no thumb , don't hide it. Instead, buy 8 amazing rings. Some of your friends may have two fingers and three eyes. Or one eye! That's ok too. It's what's inside that's important. Treat others with kindness. Keep your teeth clean and your plush free of dust. And be honest. It works for Dr. Max.

Installment #2 in Dr. Max Abima's Prescriptions for a happy life.

It's Ugly Time

I got this pic from Uglyblog, who got this pic from another blog. It is UGLY TIME! No, your eyes do not deceive you. It's an old style tin Uglydoll clock with the adorable Babo on the face. And are those cookies with numbers in them? That melts my heart. I wonder if Babo alone will adorn the Ugly Clock, or will there be others? To borrow a favorite Bossy Bear phrase...MINE! As soon as they are released...MINE.

I love that this clock has hands rather than some digital display. It restores meaning to the words "half past", or "a quarter till".

Special thanks to for the pic.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Big Toe Collection 2010 Limited Edition

Last year Ox was the Uglyverse Special Limited Edition with 6 amazing colors. We've all been anxiously waiting to know who would be that special Uglydoll this year. Well you may have guessed it by now, but none of my friends did. I gave each friend 8 chances to guess which Uglydoll received that honor this year. One chance for each of Abima's fingers. No one guessed Big Toe. So that makes him the perfect and most surprising choice!

Which is your favorite flavor of Big Toe? So far I'm torn between the green on the bottom left, and the one next to him in the middle. We have a debate in progress over just what color that is. Three votes for orange so far. I say it's not orange. Can "not orange" be considered a color? So far, "not orange" is one of my top two picks for adoption. I think his color along with the simple black nose and light eyes are an understatement that says "Classy" without screaming it. Note: You cannot BE classy while screaming about it.
The green fellow with yellow eyes is also classy, in a Clark Gable sort of way. He's coming home for sure.

All of these gorgeous Big Toe variations rock the Uglyverse. They are due out in April.

New Uglydolls Blowin My Socks Off

Look on the back of the box! It's the new 2010 Uglydoll Action Figures. We have Uglydog, Uglworm, Poe, Big Toe, Trunko, and Peaco. I'm dizzy just thinking about. I was keeping my fingers crossed for Uglyworm, and boy did that pay off. I highly recommend finger-crossing for the big things in life.

That's not all the Ugly news for today. But I'll let this awesomeness rest on your mind a little while, and soon be back with more.

Each of the 6 figures comes in 2 colors, no repeaters. Oh, and they are still a whopping 3 inches tall. Plus they come in those totally adorable and collectible window boxes. Reminds me of the larger Critterbox Uglydolls of days gone bye!